Driving In Circles
by K. Gandsy: Mama, Writer, Entrepreneur
  • Love’s Triple Haiku

    Physical love songs
    Are honestly no true match
    For magnetism

    Behind our third eye
    Rest the roots of our kinship’s
    Cosmic lullabies

    Until forever
    I want to drink from your cup
    While you drink from mine

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  • Brooklyn Bowl is five times even more cool with us in the building. :-)

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  • DAY TWO:

    July 7th. We woke up at The Best Western in Cooperstown and ate the obligatory breakfast of microwaved scrambled eggs, assorted pastries, and breakfast potatoes with Old El Paso salsa on the side. Our goal was to arrive in Erie, Pennsylvania before sunset. Driving on 20 West, we headed toward the first Great Lake on our journey. At just under 310 miles, we could definitely make it if the kids kept the bathroom breaks to a minimum.

    We drove through small towns, many of them holding on to remnants of better days prior to being inundated with rows of fast food chains and Walmart Super Stores. Passing through the last home state town of Ripley, NY, we finally made it to the Pennsylvania border. After celebrating our crossing, we followed Siri’s directions to our little cabin on Lake Erie where we played in the huge grassy yard, had a picnic for dinner along with a swarm of curious bees, and watched the sunset glisten across Lake Erie.

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  • DREAM: Drive across the country and back with my kids.

    METHOD: Minivan on The Oregon Trail to Portland Oregon, down the West Coast on Scenic Highway 1 and across to Texas via Route 66, then down to coastal Texas and New Orleans before heading back East to South Carolina.

    MISSION: Accomplished!

    The Travelers:

    Mama Kisha, 32; Haven, 8; Shelton; 5 turning 6 in Idaho; Isa, 3; Mama Charmaine; 42, Gabby, 7; and Mrs. Crawford, 72.

    This is what happened….

    Years ago, my middle school social studies teacher Ms. Atkinson put us all to sleep with talks of The Great Lakes that bordered the US and Canada. I still wanted to see them though- to see how they earned their name. Stretching out like five plump disjointed fingers beckoning travelers from both sides to slide across her silky blue hands, they did seem quite inviting. Lake Erie would be our second stop. First, we had to make it out of Brooklyn, over the Manhattan Bridge, and onto the Westside Highway in route to our first stop in Cooperstown, NY.

    We were both excited and nervous. Just over two thousand and nine hundred miles separated us from our first major goal of Portland, Oregon, and we had only previously been to a handful of the diverse roster of destinations on our journey. Nonetheless, we packed up my Honda Odyssey with just enough clothes and supplies for a week on the road, packed our cooler with enough fresh fruit and snacks for the first few days, filled up at a station on Flatbush, and pressed on the gas. At this point, to go was our only option.

    In Cooperstown, we enjoyed a day at The Fly Creek Apple Orchard. After walking through the general store and sampling the delicious sauces, salsas (the corn salsa was the best!), and treats on display, we enjoyed feeding the geese and fish in the koi pond. Upstate NY is filled with small-town charm, and Mrs. Crawford especially enjoyed the beautiful architecture. Still in our home state, we had already tasted our first dose of adventure at just the right pace.

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  • A Quintuple Haiku for the Blood Moon

    The full, eclipsed moon
    Forces light into the abyss
    Of Earth’s dark canyons

    The poles are in glee.
    Glaciers adorn golden silk
    Pushed by lunar winds.

    Flitting across seas,
    Caressing mountains with peace;
    The wolves worship her.

    The harvest has come!
    Gather your dreams in baskets
    And sort them gently.

    The ripe ones call you
    Into your heart’s warm kitchen.
    The best time….is now.

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  • A Quintuple Haiku for the Blood Moon

  • The Haiku That Will Be Different Tomorrow

    Change brings swift thunder
    Across life’s bright horizon.
    Embrace the sun rise.

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  • A Quadruple Highway Haiku

    Robbed my memories
    Of the American roads
    That travel in dreams

    My young son asked me
    “How many miles are our dreams?”
    I paused. Still. Pensive.

    "Dreams can’t be measured."
    (Moms must have answers, you know.)
    “Well… unless… Your dream….

    Is to measure dreams.”
    He smiled. Satisfied to know
    That all dreams have roads.

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  • A Quintuple Haiku: The Eulogy for Our Lovely Couch

    Noble Garbage Men
    Freely tossed our memories
    Into a metal mouth.

    The machine destroyed
    The couch that held our babies
    And all of their spills.

    She comforted us
    During those long Brooklyn days
    Of tight, tired backs.

    Loyalty like hers
    May not soon be repeated.
    But, we are grateful….

    For the trampoline,
    The bed, fort, and penny-bank.
    Well-loved. Now, well-missed.

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  • The Bag Lady Double Haiku

    In the thick of it,
    Steer clear of heavy baggage.
    You may need to run.

    Sprinters don’t carry
    Luggage to the starting line.
    Leave more behind you.

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