Scribbles and Bits from a Bed-Stuy Mom of Three

Scribbles and Bits from a Bed-Stuy Mom of Three

Mama, Writer, Entrepreneur

Do you wanna build a snow man?

He said it.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

One day I will live in a house without walls.

Words of Support for Those Who Need It

Beautiful, gifted people will always be surrounded by people who want a piece of them. It is only natural to attract this. But listen- be careful of the method that others may use to get closer. Be careful of those who foolishly think that the only way to obtain a piece of you is to break you apart, whether they chisel gently until they can chip off a small piece of your spirit to put into their pocket or plow through until you become only a memory of who you once were. They are not the wise ones. They may very well be beautiful and gifted as well but the wise ones know this truth: There is one true, honest way to get closer. The way is to lift their spirit through encouragement, sharing, kindness, and vigorous love so that their spirit radiates like the sun. Then, bask. Absorb. Enjoy. You don’t have to take or break anything; it is now there in abundance for us all. Sharing the supported spirit springs joy.

That is the essence of basking in the sun. You meet the sun, prepare for it, sing gratitude to it, lay patiently for it, and wait for it to share. And when she slowly goes down to share with those who love her in other reaches of our world, you admire the beautiful, colorful descent. And not a bitter thought or twinge of jealousy crosses your heart. That is the wise way.

So, my beautiful, gifted people. Be leery of the foolish demolition men and women. Refuse to participate in their process. Tell them what you require to share your “you” with them. The world needs you at your best. And your best is not broken.

“I hope that my presence on your screens and in the magazines may lead you, young girl, on a similar journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside.”

—   Lupita Nyong’o Clutch Magazine (via bklynmom2two)

My first batch of hand-rolled sushi. I’m so grateful for my teacher!

A Haiku for Storytellers

Griots weave roots.
Trees sing the stories of seeds
That had faith in life

“The seed includes all the possibilities of the tree. … The seed will develop these possibilities, however, only if it receives corresponding energies from the sky.”

—   Ancient Egyptian Proverb

A Haiku for Ruby Bridges

Ruby’s iron walk
Down that harsh Southern runway
True fierceness in flats