Driving In Circles
by K. Gandsy: Mama, Writer, Entrepreneur
  • The Haiku That Will Be Different Tomorrow

    Change brings swift thunder
    Across life’s bright horizon.
    Embrace the sun rise.

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  • A Quadruple Highway Haiku

    Robbed my memories
    Of the American roads
    That travel in dreams

    My young son asked me
    “How many miles are our dreams?”
    I paused. Still. Pensive.

    "Dreams can’t be measured."
    (Moms must have answers, you know.)
    “Well… unless… Your dream….

    Is to measure dreams.”
    He smiled. Satisfied to know
    That all dreams have roads.

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  • A Quintuple Haiku: The Eulogy for Our Lovely Couch

    Noble Garbage Men
    Freely tossed our memories
    Into a metal mouth.

    The machine destroyed
    The couch that held our babies
    And all of their spills.

    She comforted us
    During those long Brooklyn days
    Of tight, tired backs.

    Loyalty like hers
    May not soon be repeated.
    But, we are grateful….

    For the trampoline,
    The bed, fort, and penny-bank.
    Well-loved. Now, well-missed.

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  • The Bag Lady Double Haiku

    In the thick of it,
    Steer clear of heavy baggage.
    You may need to run.

    Sprinters don’t carry
    Luggage to the starting line.
    Leave more behind you.

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  • The “I Love New York” Triple Haiku

    A wise elder said
    “Mornings come fast in New York.”
    And I believe her!

    High-dollar rentals,
    Subways, rats, and loveless smiles
    Rob us of our sleep.

    Yes, there are good things.
    But I forget what they are
    With red, screen-shot eyes.

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  • The Haiku That Wears Rose-colored Glasses

    Follow your thoughts through
    The mazes of your conscience.
    Answers dwell in truth.

    Don’t focus on dust
    Bunnies that are better swept
    Into life’s lost past.

    Progress loves success—
    And a free-spirited mind
    Values clarity.

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  • The Haiku That Keeps Its Head Up

    Look there. —-Past the fog.
    Blue skies will welcome you there.
    Work smart. Stay on course.

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  • A Triple Haiku for Walnuts

    The nut was silent.
    No one knew her potential-
    Just a hard, brown shell.

    "Plant me first," she says.
    “And let Sun and Water dance
    My soul into shade.”

    The wise believed her.
    But the simple-minded fools
    Could only see food.

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  • The Triple Haiku That Never Came

    Quiet displeasure
    Like the sound before you speak
    Time waits for no one,

    But little girls do.
    Waiting for the ice cream truck
    That got lost on Mars.

    The song could be heard
    Across stars and vast black holes.
    “No sweet dreams for you.”

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